Graphic Collections was always a goal to reach. Has a designer, fingerboarder, and why not wheel maker theres a really huge gratitude (using Gil Dias words) when you see your own graphics applied on your own wheels. Its a realization of an idea that you had a long time ago, were graphics on wheels were a dream. Its not a dream anymore and its not the end of the road but instead the start of a new Era in Oak Wheels life.

The first generation of Oak Wheels Graphics where full of color but with low resolution, they worked like a “test” and to be honest they were pretty cool at the time but it wasn’t enough to launch collections.
Resolution was reached with Oak wheels Celebrations Year One, a limited series to celebrate Vasco’s (my kid) one year. After this I can say – lets go… Its time for graphics!

2013 Graphic Collection is divided in 2 Series – Originals Series – were graphics from the previous generation were improved and where new Oak Wheels graphics will be launched and the – “Cool”laboration Series – were all brands involved have their own story with Oak Wheels and Pateo.

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