Adrián Velásquez

J. Adrián Velázquez Ramírez . 1995 . Barcelona, Spain
Sponsors: Oak Wheels, , RBN Fingerboards, IRM Ramps
Fb since: 2009 .

Fingerboarding is my life. Is my lifestyle and I love it. I make a lot of friends and I have a lot of fun. The reason that I think that makes on myself to don’t think about stop doing are the best moments with my friends and the feeling with other international people.
Mucho Feeling resume very good the character of Oak Wheels. When I read this sentence in my mind appears the products, the team, Portugal and the realistic wheels of Oak Wheels. I think that is very important because this remarks the style of the brand.
I hope that circumstances do not make me stop doing fingerboard because it’s my life and as a result I have become very good friends, I have traveled and lived unforgettable experiences. I hope that in the future I continue traveling, competing and having fun just as well now.