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Pateo 2 Years

Celebration Year Two

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These are what we think is essential to help you getting the best performance possible with your Oaks RV. Now available at our store.

Oak Wheels Dual

Oak Wheels Dual its an old project , its was probably the first wheel concept thought, much before then the first ever Oak prototype. Oak Wheels started with the base concept of making the fingerboard wheel more like a skate wheel not only on shape and material but also on riding, adding the grip word … Continue reading

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Pateo 9 + RTB

Ring The Bell Session – 03.07.14

RingTheBell – 02.21.14

RTB Sessions

Ring The Bell sessions – 02/14/2014 short clip. Just for fun..

Ring The Bell

RING THE BELL Sextas à tarde no Pateo – das 14h00 às 18h00 Fridays afternoons at Pateo – from 2:00pm to 6:00pm