Oak Wheels started has a hobby and has a concept in 2007. The main idea was work the design and the materials to create a more realistic fingerboard wheel. The job wasn’t easy for several reasons and after 2 years of prototypes, concept maturation and a lots of requests to make them real, Oak Wheels V1’s were launched in back 2009.

V1’s were a revolution when they came out into the International Fingerboard Scene, the urethane made this wheels the most realistic wheels in the world and after some months the V’2 were launched. The biggest difference from V1’s to V2’s was the urethane hardness, V2’s were harder so they had less grip but all the Urethane Feeling was still alive. Actually the V2’s fixed the actual Oak Wheels Urethane hardness, they can be considerer has a important step in Oak Wheels history for the affirmation has one of the best, alternative and with a biggest range of color wheels in the International Fingerboard Scene.

After reaching the goal of getting the best grip/performance with urethane and in particularly with Oak Wheels V2’s, was time to work the wheel design. My main goal was to improve all the design aspects that were wrong on the previous generation to achieve a better performance and ridding. This was made with the actual Generation available, the Oak Wheels RV’s, the Original Oak Wheels Bearing Lock System was improved, the bearing is totally centered, symmetrical and totally round shape it’s just plug and play and the size wheel was increased, they have now a bigger width and radius for more stability and smoothness on ridding and in landing tricks.

This is our past, proudly constructed step by step and based on a Original concept. We have much more steps to make and to progress, so keep watching our Blog and Store for the latest news.