Pateo it's not a store, its a Fingerboarding Showroom. Porto (Portugal) is a really nice picturesque old town, were you don't need car to move (there's connections from the airport to the downtown by Metro), full of historic places and monuments to go and watch, with small and tiny streets, good beer to drink, Porto wine and nice food to taste. Its a really nice destination to visit with a good price/quality relation. Pateo is located in Porto downtown, right in the middle of all cultural, artistic and night life environment. The quarters around are full of art galleries were every 2 months new exhibitions are opened and showed to the general public. These art openings are a big opportunity to spread and show our activity and Pateo will be accessible to those persons who don't know what Fingerboarding is, that's why is called a Fingerboard Showroom. Its not open everyday only on public Pateo events and on some private sessions.

With Mucho Love

Besides all this background, Pateo is also Oak Wheels Headquarters, the main Pateo supporter who actually maintains the place, worked and lived every day with Mucho Love to be a better place for fingerboarders.

Pateo 11 - Full Lenght

Pateo 3

Pateo Opening

Pateo Opening