Where can I buy the Mucho Feeling?

You can buy them in our web Shop, in Pateo Sessions and also in several Web stores like Flatface or Fingerboardstore.de

How much is shipping?

Worldwide shipping, handling and packaging is 6€. All the packages are shipped in Express mail and with tracking number.

What’s the estimated time for my order to arrive?

Usually any international order will take 4-15 working days to arrive his destiny but it can take a little longer if its blocked and checked by customs. We can’t control worldwide shipping but we can guarantee that you will receive your Oak Wheels.

Where will my order be shipped?

The delivery will only be made to the address attached to the paypal payment.

What payment methods do you have?

We only accept Paypal as payment method.


Who cares about sponsors, just go fingerboarding and have fun with it. We don’t do tryouts and please don’t ask us that, all team riders were invited to get in.

Do you ship worldwide?

To Alaska, Indonesia our South Africa it does’t matter, we ship from Portugal worldwide.

What’s the difference between Original White and White+?

The difference between them is color pigment. Original White is pure urethane with out any color pigment, White Plus is pure urethane plus white pigment. Theres no big difference in performance, but pure urethane used Original Whites makes them more gummy then any wheel with color pigment and after some usage they get that cool and characteristic brown color of old skate wheels.

What the fu#% are team riders answering?


1 – What’s fingerboarding for you?
2 – What’s the meaning of Mucho Feeling for you?
3 – How do you see yourself in a few years, still fingerboarding?