Alexandre Rosário . 1987 . Coimbra, Portugal

For me, fingerboard is like an extension of skateboard. Skate completely transformed me, I can’t be far from anything related. So when I had a so realistic feeling of riding a fingerboard, it was impossible to stop. This is why Mucho Feeling slogan is so great! In a few years I will be on an indoor fingerpark inside a mall!


Gonçalo Lozano. 1986 . Coimbra, Portugal

Well, for me, fingerboard is everything! No need to say anything more! What I can say is that it didn’t ruin my life, it transformed my life. It gave me a perfect way of living with friends, meetings and Germain beer! Haha! Mucho Feeling is a good way to explain it! In a few years I will be on Fingerboardoholics Anonymous!


Timo Kranz . 1977 . Berlin, Germany

Fingerboarding is Fun, Passion, Life and Livelihood. For me Mucho Feeling means realistic Feeling and hopefully in the future, I see my self traveling the world and fore sure still fding and spread the word!

Petr Ptáček

1992 . Brno, Czech Republic

Fingerboard it’s fun, traveling, it’s also an oportunity to meet lots of crazy people from nearly all over the world and getting friends for life. Mucho Feeling is probably the most realistic contact of your fingers and the ground. Just try to do revert with these wheels on some concrete surface and you will exactly know what Mucho Feeling means… I do not know what tomorrow will bring let alone a year… but it would be sick to teach my children to fingerboard, when I have one.


André Miranda . 1991 . Lisboa, Portugal

For me, fingerboarding is a lot more than a setup, ramps and tricks. As Paolo Melillo once said, fingerboarding is the big excuse! “Mucho feeling” describes perfectly the feeling of using those that are, for me, the most realistic wheels, when compared to skateboard wheels, in the fingerboard scene. I don’t know where I’ll be in a few years and I really don’t know what I’ll be doing but one thing I know for sure, I’ll be fingerboarding and hanging with the same crazy guys I had the pleasure of meeting. Fingerboarding has given me too many good friends and amazing experiences, like visiting different countries and people from all around the world… How could I even consider quitting?!

Francisco Martins

1995 . Lisboa, Portugal

Fingerboard for me its a good way to relax because when you are fingerboarding you are concentraded and you forget all your problems. And it’s a good way to have fun and enjoy yourself doing what you like. Mucho feeling means to me to have fun fingerboarding with your friends and ride a fingerboard with a realistic feeling. I would love to see the intenational scene in a few years, the riders, the brands, the tricks, the feeling, the evolution!!!


Guilherme Braz . 1995 . Lisbon, Portugal

Fingerboarding it’s pure fun, based on travelling, adventures and meeting all kinds of different people with one thing in common: they all like to play with miniature skateboards. All this together is what makes fingerboarding so special to me, since it has made me improve as a person, taught me a lot, and above all, given me another family. Mucho Feeling says everything about what fingerboarding is all about. Not only it represents the concept of the wheels itself but it describes what we feel by living fingerboarding. Every year I ask the same question and wonder if I’ll still be fingerboarding or not. At first, every time I thought about it it sort of made me afraid, because the idea of not being apart of the fingerboard culture is actually scary. In the course of time I’ve come to realize that it really won’t matter, because with everything I’ve learned and all the friends I’ve gathered, fingerboarding will always be there, even if I don’t practice that much.

Filipe David

Filipe Paiva David . 1993 . Porto, Portugal

I think the best word to define fingerboard to me is “fun”, all people are happy when they have fun, so I feel very happy to be able to make fingerboard. Fingerboard for me is like a drug, impossible to stop doing and it’s my most precious asset. Be a rail, vert, curb or a flat the most important thing is have fun and do what we like .. I think “mucho feeling” translates exactly this: do we like the way we like. It is a way of life I will continue fingerboarding until someone cut my fingers! - See more at:


João Castela . 1993 . Porto, Portugal

Fingerboarding it's much more than the object itself its what it proportionates that makes it so special, the good times, travels, always meeting amazing people and making friends for life. Mucho Feeling its just a synthesized description of what fingerboard really means and the way how we live it, to enjoy every single moment of it. In the future i see myself fingerboarding for sure! it changed me a lot! my way of being, the people i know, it makes me travel a lot and have loved people in many parts of the world.

Flávio Sousa

1993 . Santo Tirso, Portugal

Only who rides knows the meaning and feeling of fingerboarding. For me it’s an important part of my life, probably my way of life. I live fingerboarding with fun and Mucho Feeling is exactly that, fun! I hope to live it for a long time. Fingerboard 4 life.

Pedro Tavares

1997 . Setúbal, Portugal

Fingerboarding it’s part of my daily routine, I do it every day since I first picked up a tech deck in 2007. It has caused a good amount of changes in my life, good ones, I learnt a lot from it and made some of my best friends through it, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Getting together and having a great time, you can see that throughout all of pateo’s videos, that is my definition of mucho feeling! I don’t know where i’ll be physically but I do see myself with a fingerboard with me at all times, wherever I’ll be headed!


Gil Dias . 1981 . Lisbon, Portugal

Fingerboarding it´s a lot of fun, a portable extension of skateboarding, a way to meet people of different ages and a door for creativity (trickwise but also in building ramps / accessories, etc). Mucho Feeling to me means the orgasmic feeling Oakwheels provide whenever you do a Powerslide, Lipslide or any kind of bluntslide while riding with them! For sure still fingerboarding – as long as I got my fingers!!…

Fabio Schaffer

1996 . Germany

Fingerboarding is like a lifestyle for me. Its a great feeling to hang around with friends and doing a chill fingerboard session. Fingerboard isn’t just a piece of wood, its much more . Mucho Feeling means to me to ride in a special way, to ride more realistic. In the future of course i’ll fingerboard for a long time and have fun! Why not?

Adrián Velásquez

1995 . Barcelona, Spain

Fingerboarding is my life. Is my lifestyle and I love it. I make a lot of friends and I have a lot of fun. The reason that I think that makes on myself to don’t think about stop doing are the best moments with my friends and the feeling with other international people. Mucho Feeling resume very good the character of Oak Wheels. When I read this sentence in my mind appears the products, the team, Portugal and the realistic wheels of Oak Wheels. I think that is very important because this remarks the style of the brand. I hope that circumstances do not make me stop doing fingerboard because it’s my life and as a result I have become very good friends, I have traveled and lived unforgettable experiences. I hope that in the future I continue traveling, competing and having fun just as well now.

Ricardo Gonçalves

1996 . Espinho, Portugal

When I started fingerboarding it was just a hobbie but now it has evolved into a new category. Nowadays it is a way of expressing my freedom and creating. But even better than that, it is a new world I discovered, full of friends and good vibes. For me Mucho Felling is or else should be the perfect definition of fingerboarding. Getting all the skateboard feeling but in a smaller size. I hope I keep fingerboarding for long years. I just love it so much I can´t see myself stopping.

Michael Ribeiro

1986 . Manchester, UK

Fingerboarding is the smallest piece of freedom out there. Nothing compares to the enjoyment and friendship found around it. Mucho Feeling is the definition of the most realistic skateboarding experience under two fingers. Don’t really know what I’ll be doing in a few years but you can have no doubt in your mind that I’ll have a setup in my pocket ready to shred.

Thom Mclnally

1992 . Manchester, Uk.

A fingerboard to me is an expression, a direct influence on my life. Every interest I have nowadays can be sourced back to fingerboarding. Mucho Feeling is the perfect phrase for fingerboarding as there is so much love and respect to everyone in the scene! In a few years, I hope to see myself as a designer, ready with my fingerboard setup in hand.

Marcus Weiß

1987 . Bad Langensalza, Germany

Fingerboarding is more than a hobby, its a Lifestyle and skateboarding with fingers. Mucho Feeling its Friendship and one of the best Feelings when you ride with your Fingerboard, like a Skateboard Wheel in miniature. Hopefully i can travelled to some good Places like California,Andover,Czech or Porto ..... Hoepfully can meet more People they also love the little skateboard ..... and drink also many beers with all my Fingerboard-Homies.

Lucas da Silveira Bellaguarda

1999 . Florianópolis, Brazil

Fingerboard for me is a type of art, a way to express myself with no rules and at the same time gain knowledge meeting new people. Mucho Feeling for me is the chill side of Fingerboard, where you'll spend time with people who have it as a lifestyle and still doing it just for love. In a few years I see myself having a session with my Fingerboard friends from years feeling the same shit as I felt at the first time.

Tommaso Busoni

2001 . Finale Ligure, Italy

I started Fboarding when I was eleven. At that time,to me,it was just a piece of wood to use when I was bored.Right now fingerboarding has became more than a simple hobby.It is a lifestyle.I always have it with me,I can't go anywhere without it.I always loved Oak wheels because it has a unique style and Muchofeeling is the perfect way to live fingerboarding that is all about friendship,travelling and passion. I will keep bringin this very special piece of wood in My pocket and in My heart as well.

Pedro Oliveira

1996 . Porto, Portugal

Fingerboarding is a way of expressing myself and has been extremely influential in my life in every way. It started as a simple hobby and now it’s a circunstancial part of my life. It even changed the way I see the world around me. Mucho Feeling for me is the perfect life motto because it means friendship and doing what you life the most with your friends. In the future I see myself like I am right now: doing what I like the most surrounded by my friends and traveling around the world to meet other people like me!

Eduardo Ferreira

1998 . Sto Tirso, Portugal

Fingerboarding for me is pure art on wheels and it's so much more than just a miniature skateboard. With it, I experience every feeling I do with a Skateboard , freedom, power and inspiration, completely changing my life since the beggining back in 2007 when I was just a kid. Mucho Feeling is what fingerboarding itself should be. Above all else, this motto consists strongly in friendship, having fun with what we like and happy times with amazing people, each and every one of them sharing this inspiring lifestyle who, in a way, brought us to where we are now. Knowing myself as well as I do, I certainly see myself in a few years still with a fingerboard in my pocket and trying to keep in touch with the people that made this part of my life so memorable , probably even changing it in certain ways!

Tobias Stoll

1993 . Erfurt, Germany

n my opinion fingerboarding is a very good example that small things can have a big significance and influence in the life of all of us. Just because of fingerboarding I travel, got friends all over the world and collected so much positive experience over the last years. Mucho Feeling for me is just not only the very realistic miniature wheels - it’s about the people behind it. Everyone got the same feeling and the same reason to fingerboard. It´s all about love you know what I´m sayin´!? I think that fingerboarding is a big part of my life and I see me travelling and meet more people all over the world in the future cause of this little thing. Damn it feels so good to think about it.

Irish Favério

1997 . Porto, Portugal

Fingerboard is much more than just the technic and being able to do certain tricks and combos. I feel like its more about the fun and all the good friends i made over the years from different parts of the world. I also see fingerboarding as a part of skateboarding, the feeling that you get landing a trick is pretty much the same so there is a certain level of adrenaline to it. Mucho feeling for me is the feeling i get whenever i fingerboard with friends and have a cool session! I also can relate it to meeting new people in the fingerboard scene and while im travelling to some fingerboard contest or meet up. Yeah i feel like its something that will be present in my life for sure!

Adrian Witzel

1993 . Cologne, Germany

Fingerboarding is a kind of expression & OAK is helping me to reach my idea of this expression. I got a whole slew of great memories in my bag, just because of fingerboarding and basically all my good friends are fingerboarders. I‘ll keep on riding, because it‘s helping me to stay creative. Mucho Feeling for it!